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Worldwork 2020 - Vancouver, Canada, May 23-28, 2020

Worldwork 2020 - Vancouver, BC. Canada: May 23-28, 2020. Please find more here . Pre-conference Seminar: Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell, May 20-21 P

10 Day Intensive 2018 in Cairo, Egypt

We are all looking very much forward to our upcoming Annual 10 Day Intensive, this year in Cairo from October 5-14, 2018. Check out our daily program&

2 Year International Certification Training starting in 2018

We are excited about our new Learning Spaces, which we will introduce soon! You can design your own personal learning journey through the spaces, each


Introduction to DDI East Africa

Participate in upcoming trainings in Africa!

"Truth is like a baobab tree; one person's arms cannot embrace it" (African proverb)


3 Year Process Oriented Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching Certificate, consisting of:

  • Year 1: Process Oriented Coaching and Mentoring
  • Year 2: Process Oriented Conflict Resolution
  • Year 3: Process Oriented Organizational and Business Development

Process Oriented Leadership and Facilitation Training for the 21st Century

Leadership is a concept that is often still thought of in terms of the actions of specific individuals who rule or guide others. We at the Deep Democracy Institute define modern leadership as a body of cognitive, emotional and spiritual competencies that are inherent in all individuals and teams of an organization.

Our 3 year training is focused on awareness methods to discover these competencies, develop them, and mentor and facilitate them in others.

The principle of Deep Democracy suggests that all tendencies in an individual or collective are meaningful in its emerging potential, and need to be facilitated and related to.

Unlike the traditional interpretation of democracy, majority rule, deep democracy implies A PROCESS, a story that is meant to show the meaning of the roles in a given play, however wonderful or painful they might be.

Our job as facilitators is to assist all the roles to develop more relationship and understanding of one another. Deep democracy can be used to mentor and coach personal and professional development.

It is a very powerful tool to facilitate small and large group processes, involving up to several thousand people. It can also be used to develop vision and strategies for teams and companies that exceed mechanistic goal setting techniques, which often fail in the face of reality.



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Deep Democracy Leadership
Network East Africa

Working Together

The Deep Democracy Institute East Africa is building with you a professional leadership network in East Africa. If you live in Kenya far from Nairobi, or Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, the Sudan, Eritrea or Djibouti, please write to us about special bursaries for people who travel. If you are interested in having one of our facilitators come to your company, community or region, please contact us at This invitation also goes out to the central African countries that are part of the EAC - Rwanda and Burundi.

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